Microcurrent Beauty

Mask Pack

1991 discovery of biological microcurrents by Dr.Neh Shakman

About 40~60uA micro current flows through the human body.

1991 discovery of biological microcurrents by Dr. Neh and Shakman

About 40-60uA microcurrent flows through the human body.

Microcurrent Beauty Mask Pack

| Microcurrent Beauty Device

| Microcurrent Aesthetic Home Care System

| 340uA microcurrent supply, which is 5 times the biocurrent 40~60uA (microampere)

| By supplementing the reduction of skin microcurrent with age, it helps skin rejuvenation

Tencel fabric and pure silver pattern

| Oeko-Tex ®

| Eco-friendly Tencel fabric from Austria

| 99.9% pure silver pattern

Conductor with the best electrical conductivity

| Intensive management of eye area, nasolabial folds, and forehead wrinkles

Patent registration and stability certification

| Patent

Patent number 10-2197499

| Reliability certification

1. Completed skin irritation test

2. Device KC certification completed

3. Hazardous substance non-detection test completed

Key ingredients

(including 43 premium ingredients)

| Olive oil

Turkish Olive Tree Extract, about a thousand years old

| Yolk lecithin

Eggs from healthy chickens raised on 100% domestic grain

| Centella asiatica extract

An extract that helps relieve skin troubles

| Ocean Deep Water

Use of deep ocean water rich in minerals

Skin clinical trial test results

(17 items skin clinical trial tests completed)

Skin improvement when using microcurrent devices compared to using our own mask pack alone
Improvement of pore area
Improve pore volume
Improves maximum pore depth
Improve pore density
Improving the number of pores

(주)휴먼 피부 임상 시험 센터

Skin elasticity
Skin brightness improvement
  • Improvement of elasticity around the eyes
  • Improvement of skin elasticity
  • Improving the elasticity of the mouth
  • Skin tone improvement
  • Improve skin shine
  • Relieving melanin on the outside and inside of the skin

Pore improvement
Moisturize/soothe skin
  • Improvement of pore area
  • Improve pore density
  • Improve pore volume
  • Improving the number of pores
  • Improves maximum pore depth
  • Improvement of transdermal moisture loss
  • Skin roughness improvement
  • Moisturizing improvement on the outside of the skin
  • Skin soothing